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How do you advertise in fandom?

Hey, so I'm reviving the book club at projectpara. I know, I couldn't believe it either.

I started by making a recap post, but I'm thinking about what worked and didn't when I was last active with this, and I remember that I'd easily get discouraged when there wasn't a lot of discussion on a post, or when part of our group disappeared.

With that in mind I'm thinking it would be nice to hunt down some more interested fans to swell our ranks. We can always post reminders in our own communities like joyousrebellion and writers_toybox, but members there already know about Project Paranormal, and anyway the B/A fandom has been quiet lately. The thing is, you don't need to ship B/A to enjoy this series. I'm not sure everyone knows that and I don't have much of a presence in Buffy fandom outside of my own little corner, so I don't know the right places to yell and whether yelling helps.

Anyone got any advice? Oh, and also, would you like to join our Project Paranormal reread?
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