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Kairos Watches My Little Pony

In Season 2 Episode 14 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, GREAT CELESTIA WHAT DID I JUST SEE. Intrigued? Then it's time for Kairos to watch My Little Pony.

I'd heard that Derpy was getting a voice actor this season and that her official name would be Derpy, but I thought those were just rumors. NO. THE RUMORS WERE TRUE. There is an official mentally deficient character named Derpy in FIM and I LOVE HER.

Furthermore, this entire episode was just on a even higher dose of crack than the show ordinarily is. And it was still heartwarming and taught us all an important lesson about friendship! It's okay if you can't win prize money to fix the roof, guys! We need you more than we need a roof!

Applejack isn't even my favorite but this time everyone got to participate with wonderful character moments. Rarity: "Were you insulted when I insulted your hair?" Rainbow Dash: "Leave them! They knew what they were getting into!" (That chase scene was pure glory.) Pinkie Pee: It's cherrychangas, I think we can all agree that it's cherrychangas. Fluttershy: bunny. Of course it would be a bunny. Twilight: hmm, what did Twilight do? I SHOULD WATCH AGAIN TO CHECK, IS WHAT.


~Referencemania. My favorites were I Love Lucy and Chariots of Fire.
~Pony outhouse. Can they really tell if that's a mare or a stallion silhouette?
~Big Mac crying.
~Dinky is so cute, and has a father now.
~"Aypplejack!" - Apple Bloom
~Filly with a guitar cutie mark.
~Apple family pig pile.

Did not like:

~Red and yellow cherries. Why wouldn't they be red and black?
~That's it.

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