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In defense of the Starks in general

One last bit of A Game of Thrones I wanna quote for you, just briefly. I finally finished my re-read and started on A Dance with Dragons and I'm already overdosed on awesome. THAT PART WITH THAT ONE CHARACTER AND HOW HE DEALS WITH THAT ONE VILLAIN. Wooooooooha.

Here was a hush in the night, moonlight and shadows, a thick carpet of dead leaves underfoot, densely wooded ridges sloping gently down to the streambed, the underbrush thinning as the ground fell away.

Here was her son on his stallion, glancing back at her one last time and lifting his sword in salute.

Here was the call of Maege Mormont's warhorn, a long low blast that rolled down the valley from the east, to tell them that the last of Jaime's riders had entered the trap.

And Grey Wind threw back his head and howled.


I think I missed that the first time I read the series, way back when: House Stark's warhorn is a live wolf.

Guys, that's awesome.
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