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Kairos's Daily Train of Thought

I should work on one of my Buffy fics, or a vid or a meta, while I'm feeling creative!

...But I'm kind of stuck on most of them until I rewatch the series to refresh my memory. Hey, I should watch some Buffy!

...But I don't want to start my rewatch until I'm ready to do it properly, writing reviews and taking notes to use for fics and stuff. Hey, I should do that now, while I'm feeling creative!

...But before I embark on that I should really catch up with Project Paranormal or I'll have too much going on at once. Hey, I should read and comment on some of that now!

...But Project Paranormal isn't going anywhere, and I don't want to leave too much distance before I read and review all the IWRY fics. Hey, I should do that now!

...But if I'm going to leave comments on ______'s story, she'll wonder why I haven't replied to her email, too. Hey, I should do that now!

...I'm hungry.

...Oh look, it's been three minutes, I wonder if there's anything new on my flist.

...I don't really feel creative anymore, for some reason.
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