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Weekend TV

Okay, the Booth/Brennan fuzzy feeling is starting to wear off like the drug it is. I would like the writers to learn that a woman who doesn't understand that her partner wants to know the gender of their child isn't being socially awkward, she's being stupid. There's no good reason to write Brennan as a stupid woman. Well, at least the cute moments are holding me back from actively disliking them so far.

Eating contests disgust me.

Aaaand, we have a new guy! If this is Vincent's replacement, I'm sorely disappointed; why can't we just keep the extra Wendell? Or if we need a new character, where's that girl who assisted Booth at the end of last season?

Finn (his name was Finn, right?) wasn't actually the kind of character who would bother me with his presence onscreen, but I have a major beef with what they decided to do with him. First off, he's unrealistic - speech patterns change through life experiences and environments, and the kid had been an academic for years. And then, instead of letting him be a cute Southern boy with a checkered past, we have to go The More You Know route and have an impassioned monologue about judging people based on accent and dialect. Subtle, guys. So not all rednecks are morons? GASP.

A little bit of extra objection from me because I can't stand the way supposedly open-minded people will turn prejudiced when it comes to the South and not even notice it. Setting up this scenario like it's a brilliant new revelation offends me. The only thing that could have saved that episode would be if Hodgins wrote a letter to Princess Celestia at the end.

So for the last few episodes I've been waiting to see if the barn would come into play, and I was super psyched when it finally did. The reaction that I've seen so far from new fans seems to be "Hershel's insane and creepy!", which makes sense when I think about it but also made me wonder if I initially felt the same way. I don't think I did, and I'm pretty sure it's because the barn was approached in a much different way in the comics. That is, it wasn't a secret. Don't want to say much more on that, for obvious reasons, but I do still sympathize with Hershel. Taking in Rick's group has cost him a family member already, and now they're draining him of resources he'll need in the long-term to keep the rest of them alive. And when has a traditional and pious old man ever accepted his daughter's new boyfriend with no questions asked?

Daryl's story has been pretty exciting, especially since I have no idea what's going to happen with him (he's probably gonna die). I kind of want him to be the one to find Sophia. Before he dies.

Glenn/Maggie OTP. That is all.

How much longer do we have to put up with Shane? It seems like he's already reached his rock bottom as far as morality in concerned, but things aren't going to come to a head until he reaches his emotional rock bottom and flips out. The secrets are making me antsy. I love Lori when she cuts him down, but she's really not helping the situation by keeping the real story from Rick.

Although, that brings up another dimension to the whole "hard choices" and "good of the all" theme: ditching Sophia, an innocent child, might be better for the group in the long run, but so would keeping Shane. He's one of the most useful people they could have in the world they're in, and he might mean the survival of more of them in the long run, whilst honoring Sophia, who deserves to live, might mean more death. Same goes for the rednecks. Can you imagine a more handy skill to have during the zombie apocalypse than bow-hunting?

Okay, I admit it. Up until Saturday I felt fairly convinced that this was the only show on television that was getting better and better with each episode. This last one put me more in the mind that it was maintaining a steady level of quality - which is okay. Sometimes I just need reminders that I'm following a children's cartoon.

Plus side, Zecora was in it, making references to her first appearance, having awesome medical skills, and still speaking consistently in rhyme. There has to be a Zecora toy sooner or later, right? I don't collect and I don't like the G4 toys for the most part, but I would totally buy myself a My Little Zebra.

I just really hope they tie up the Cutie Mark Crusaders plot at some point this season. Even children's cartoons need payoff. Also, I want more lines for Big Macintosh and I ship him with Zecora. Oh yeah, I just went there.

What are you watching?
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