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Walking Dead's back!

I watched it on my actual TV at the actual time it aired; I don't remember the last time I did that for anything. It was kind of by accident, too. I was putting on some Dollhouse to watch while I wrote, and lo and behold, the TV told me to stay tuned for a season premier I'd had no idea was going to be on. So I obeyed and stayed tuned.

This show is SO SCARY. Also, you know how I can't shut up about which ways it differs from the comics? Now I can, because I didn't remember a damn thing that happened in this episode. Whether it's because of my memory or because the differences are getting bigger, it looks like I'm on the same page as the new audience now.

But I'm still faintly worried about certain events that happen in the comic series. They were hard enough to handle on the page and so far it's not looking like the adaptation is going to lighten anything up. So I've decided that as soon as Character X shows up, I'm quitting. I don't know when that will be, but I think I've got some time yet.

Loving what they're doing with Dale and Andrea. The anger is painful but I'm rooting for them both so hard. And Carl, Kid Badass Extraordinaire. Do you think he was going to shoot the deer, or touch it?

This isn't too much of a spoilery entry, is it? I can change or cut things, if so.
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