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TV is excellent! It's like reading, but with a winner!

And the winner is me. I have seen some awesome television lately. I love television. I love it like a brother.

My friend and I are up to the third season of Mad Men. By amazing coincidence, a friend of hers was at the exact same episode as us, and also had the discs, so she brought them over and we used my new living room. (Today there was an addition to the living room making the use of discs possible - I ordered a replacement cable and controller for my PS2 and hooked them up and tested them this morning, so now there's a working DVD player, yay.) We all agreed that Peggy was the real focal point of the show and holy cow Daisy from Bones showed up, this is gonna be great.

This morning was the second season premier of Friendship Is Magic. It's actually getting better. Twilight was knighted by the Princess, Fluttershy's bunnies turned into something out of a Dali painting, there was chocolate rain, and the trio of annoying little sisters set loose the pony equivalent of an Apocalyptic villain. Also, the plot involved a reversal of each character's core strength, which is actually something I've considered for a fanfic starring the Core Four - selfish Rarity and dishonest Applejack intrigued me in much the same way that heartless Xander and stupid Giles would.

One step back into the past, last night I finally got to see the Neil Gaiman episode of Doctor Who ("The Doctor's Wife"). Everyone had talked it up so much that I feared disappointment but no, it was quite possibly the best episode of the show I've seen so far and I have been really digging this season and the last one. Rather than do a cut for spoilery talk, I won't say anything in this entry but just be cautious if you haven't seen it, because I won't restrict the comments. Anyway, what surprised me most was that it was an incredibly touching episode. Doctor Who is finally bringing out the shipper in me, hurrah!

In my less recent television-viewing history, I finished Fullmetal Alchemist (the first series). For me, the measure of a show's quality is whether I want to watch it again, and if so, how soon. I watched that My Little Pony episode twice in a row, for serious. With Fullmetal Alchemist, I would like to see the whole thing over again, mostly because I want to find out for myself what the hell happened rather than relying on taaroko to explain it to me, but I won't start a rewatch right away because there's not enough life hours for that. But eventually I expect I'll enjoy it all the more the second time. It honestly took like thirty episodes to really get into it the way I wanted to, but after that I was hooked, and not only began to anticipate but began to see what all those half-interesting episodes from the beginning were for.

Oh, this is slightly out of my reverse chronological order, but after Fullmetal Alchemist and before I cancelled my Netflix account altogether, I indulged myself in a few episodes of that X-Men: Evolution series from the early 2000's that I used to love watching. They hold up well! Gahhh, Rogue/Gambit. And then there's a teeny tiny Phoenix teaser in the last episode, like "HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL NEVER SEE NOW THAT WE'RE CANCELLED". Jerks.

Also I guess now I can also use my PS2 for games. Why are there so many ways to waste time? In my defense, I bought crafting tools today.

...And some card stock, so I can make a paper TARDIS. Don't judge me.
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