Avox in Arcadia (perpetual) wrote,
Avox in Arcadia

It's that time again.

Sign-ups are open at iwry_marathon.

Each year, one of the greatest difficulties for the organizers of the marathon is securing a list of participating authors big enough to fill the month - we've had a great response so far, but there are definitely spots left to fill, and the sooner you respond, the closer we'll be to another wonderfully B/A-tinted November.

Please don't ever feel you're not up to snuff! All levels of ability are welcome, and if you need help, I bet we can hook you up with a beta. Any questions at all that you have about the event or its rules, just ask at the LJ comm, or ask me and I'll make sure you're on the right page.

Spread the word and don't hesitate to sign up!
Tags: iwry

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