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Let's try something different with the flowers, then.

Season 9 began yesterday, and in other news, I'm not really sure what I'm doing here anymore. I have a stack of unanswered emails in my inbox getting older and older, among them one from a Dark Horse editor and one from Georges Jeanty. Yeah, so I've reached the point where I'm even getting lazy about talking to the creative team for my favorite comics. (It wasn't like, job offers or anything, if you're wondering. I contacted both guys about their work and they were both kind enough to answer.)

So, I have to finally accept that I'm not the fan/blogger/net jackal I used to be, and make some changes in my patterns. Probably nothing you'll notice, but I'm the type who needs to write things down and make them public before I believe myself.

I'm not going to be checking Tumblr or Twitter anymore, unless it's on my phone while I'm stuck somewhere or someone contacts me directly through either site. I may still post to both. I'll probably stop checking devArt on a daily basis, and try to rid myself of Facebook once again (ignoring it might actually work a lot better than deleting it did). Cracked and AICN will probably have to go too. I've already stopped reading webcomics, which I totally don't get, because I love them and they don't take but a second to read.

I'll be reading the S9 comics, of course. With every issue I'll post a summary here, on Whedonesque, and on Blood Roses (as long as it's wanted on each site), and open a discussion here and join whatever talk is going on at BR. I may hop into some other forums from time to time.

Other than that, I want to devote my fandom time to a few specific pursuits, creative output being at the top of the list. Once I get my inbox woes sorted out, I'd like to revive the various re-reads and re-watches we started (yes, definitely Project Paranormal), and see if my mistress Dark Star has any need of me. I want to make sure I'm there to review whenever one of my favorite writers has a new story, though I (deeply) regret to say that I can't take on any beta jobs for a long while. Once I finish FMA I'm going to restrict my TV intake to a Whedonverse tour, and blog about whatever impressions I get this time around. I'll never give up LiveJournal, and I'm going to try to be more active on BR in general. Not dropping the GoT fandom either, at least until I've finished re-reading the books.

And, of course, I'm going to renew my efforts in various offline activities that I've been neglecting. The weather is still good, the museum is going back to its off-season free day, my studio is relatively equipped, my bird needs work on his manners, and I have a yoga mat. I'm just not happy with myself right now, and, like most things, it's the internet's fault.

I might disappear for a while before I get this figured out. Clear skies, folks.

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