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LJ-ments of Harmony

The culprits here are scribesds and kean_herself, who wondered if there was a Kairos pony and whether she was lonely enough to make a herd. They were right on both counts. Thus, I give you:

Kairos Sparkle
Species: Unicorn pony
Cutie mark: Gargoyle
Special talent: Uh...sitting around like a rock?
Element of Harmony: Magic
Snitched from: Twilight Sparkle (I started this so I get to be the mane character, that's how it works.)

Dark Starrity
Species: Unicorn pony
Cutie mark: Dark Star (!) overlaying a writing pencil
Special talent: Containing the herd within awesome websites
Element of Harmony: Generosity
Snitched from: Rarity

Keanbow Dash
Species: Pegasus pony
Cutie Mark: Claddagh symbol
Special talent: Being Irish and kicking your arse
Element of Harmony: Loyalty
Snitched from: Rainbow Dash

Last but not least, the artistic consultant behind the operation:

Species: Pegasus pony
Cutie Mark: Kanji meaning "dragon"
Special talent: Designing her own pony, adding backgrounds, repairing K-Sparkle's shoddy editing jobs, breathing fire, smiting evil
Element of Harmony: Kindness
Snitched from: Fluttershy

Two Elements of Harmony left, by the way. I just won't ponyize someone without express permission. Although, loophole alert, doesn't have to be the express permission of that someone.

Gallop on, you awesome fillies!
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