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It's a fez, I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool.

Tell you another secret about me and stories. (The first one was that I can't follow plots, if you're keeping track.) I appreciate the strategic use of heartbreak, I favor angst in my own writing, and most of my favorite pieces of art, fiction, and music are the ones engineered to make a person cry - but I love a happy ending more than almost anything in this world.

Reasoning behind it? None. But when I've been successfully drawn in and I care about the characters and the action reaches its precarious height, and then suddenly we're at the end and everyone ends up better than where they were when we started, well, it can keep me smiling for days.

Season 5 had a happy ending. Even better, it was a happy ending that completely blindsided me. After getting extremely attached to Donna in S4 and then seeing her get her memories ripped out and her imaginary soulmate taken away from her, and only getting to have her for one season, I was steeling myself for the same thing all over again with Amy. Donna might still be my favorite Companion, but if she is, Amy's a close second, and that business with the wedding dress at the beginning set off a lot of warning lights - okay, that was probably the point, but it worked on me.

I also wasn't thrilled with Rory when he was introduced, because he seemed way too much like another Mickey, and I figured that all I had to look forward to with Amy/Rory was a cancelled wedding and an awkward replay of the Companion being in love with the Doctor. (Which makes a full set of three for previous Companions informing my expectations of Amy and Eleven. Huh.)

But then Rory turned out to be awesome and Amy really loved him and then he never existed and I was REALLY MAD and then Rorybot showed up and protected her for a thousand years and then they got married after all but the Doctor was wiped from their memories but then they remembered him and LEFT ON THE TARDIS WITH HIM! BOTH OF THEM! Hm. I really hope nobody who hasn't seen this clicked the cut.

So, Eleven is there for the current season, right? And Amy and Rory really do stay with him? Is this correct? Please don't tell me this is not correct. I mean it would still be a happy ending but you would make it so much harder for me to look forward to it.

Oh! And "Vincent and the Doctor" was probably my favorite episode since "Blink". I'm in love with Van Gogh all over again and so touched that they didn't flinch about calling him the greatest artist who ever lived. All those sets recreating his paintings, gah. I could look at them all day.

Also, I like River Song more every time she shows up.

Am I speaking to silence here or did anyone else get excited about S5? Now you know my secret, so you can tell me.
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