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Meet me down by the railroad track.

I don't really remember what happened except suddenly Jack was inexplicably making out with Ianto and I was unable to look away. Actually I half expected him to make out with every single member of the team, and felt vaguely disappointed when he didn't. Step up, Jack! Either everyone gets your kisses, or you provide some reasoning on why certain individuals are being favored!

It was a good finale, though. At the least, it made me care a lot more about Gwen, and Gwen/Rhys. Probably bad news since that's clearly not going to last, but it was a surprise that it lasted as long as it did already, so there was fun to be had in the death and blood and mega-angst. The Enormous Beastmonster walking around and eating stuff likewise came as something of a neat surprise, although I wasn't too thrilled with the way it was defeated. Made me wonder if the moments of epic destruction are always going to mean that we're gearing up for time to rewind. I'm okay with that in Doctor Who, but I was hoping for the formula to stay there.

Also Jack just kind of looked silly with his yelling and flailing during the face-off, but maybe I lack a deeper understanding of his pain. (I'm kind of running hot and cold on this guy, can you tell? My brain just doesn't know what to do with a character who says "trousers" in an American accent.)

I like Toshiko a lot (sidebar, I'd like her a lot better if everyone would say TOH-shee-koh, again with my pronunciation fixation, geez, calm down self). Ianto not so much, but I'll hang onto the hope that he develops a personality at some point. Owen not at all.

For the second season I would like Gwen to get an animal sidekick and Jack to make out with everyone. Sadly though, I won't see that not happen for a while. It's time to cancel my Netflix account; I'm just going to finish my current season of Doctor Who (fifth I think?) and my last disk of Mad Men (end of the second season), and then start rewatching Buffy and the other shows I have on hand. I want some inspiration for creating new fandomy stuff, and making sure that I'm making good use of Netflix every month is starting to feel like a chore. So, goodbye to that, at least for a few months.

I could wish that Torchwood or Doctor Who had grabbed me like the Whedonverse did, but it might be just a state of mind kind of thing. Maybe it's not a new TV obsession that I really want, but some old love revived, or a different medium.

Sorry, Captain Jack. I just discovered Dark Horse's mobile comics feature.
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