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Let me show you my toybox!

My toybox, let me show you it. Hey, look at me all paying attention to things other than my internal organs. Yes, I'm better; sorry for the whining preceding recovery.

I was just reading backward through my flist and answered this survey for writers_toybox, and thought I might as well post it here, too, since it serves as one of those writing memes I see going around sometimes. Feel free to use it, alter questions if they don't apply to you, but if anything catches your interest, do take a peek at the community. We have a rather exciting challenge in the works, and more writers are always welcome and celebrated.

There's been talk in the last few months to the effect of "What happened to B/A?", because there have been so few new stories written. It's a discouraging outlook, and if you're someone who has noticed or felt the lack, I have to give you this answer: We are B/A. If you write, write; if you make graphics or vids or meta, make them; if you only want to observe, then do so, but do it with comments and reviews. There is always someone listening; all that's left to us is to find each other.

1. Do you only write for Buffy and Angel? No, I'm willing to write any canon character and almost any canon pairing, and then some.

2. What other fandoms do you write for? I wrote a Dollhouse story once and might do a couple more. I could also see myself writing for Firefly. Oh, and X-Men, although so far I've only had the one crossover.

3. Do you prefer writing drabbles, short stories, or really long ones? Really long ones, though I like all three.

4. Do you write every day? I wish.

5. Do you need any particular circumstances in order to write? Yes - now if only I knew what they were.

6. What is your favourite genre to read? I always used to say fantasy, but now I'm not sure. I like classics more than I used to, and I'm getting more into nonfiction too.

7. What is your favourite genre to write? Fantasy. :p

8. Do you ever write adult-rated stories? Just barely.

9. Do you often use original characters? Yes, I love them.

10. Do you take part in challenges? If yes, what kind do you prefer? Yes, though I'm wary about committing to anything because I can be so slow about it. My favorite challenge is still IWRY.

11. Do you work better with a deadline? It often seems that way.

12. Do you use a beta? Sometimes, but once I finish a story I'm usually impatient to get it posted right away, polished or not.

13. Do you find writing easy? NEVER.

14. Of your own fiction, what is your favourite story? Damnation's Castaway Awakening, or Out of Place.

15. Of your own fiction, what is your most popular story? Ten Observations on Being in Love with a Human.

16. What is your favourite story – written by somebody else? La Mariée by Maren.

17. Do you have a favourite author? I have many. I know it's a cop-out, but I'm not going to try to list them; I don't want to leave any out.

18. Where do you post your work? Usually just Fanfiction.net and here on LJ.

19. Has a fiction archive ever asked if they can house your work? Yup! And I was psyched.

20. Do you have any comments for Writer’s Toybox? Anything you’d like us to include for you? I love the box and all the toys in it.
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