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Free DVDs if you want 'em!

At a time when I was living in Oregon, dirt poor and obsessed with Buffy, I wandered through CD Game Exchange and found there the best two seasons of the show, ten dollars each, like they were handed down straight from Heaven for me alone.

When I moved I left them, along with large piles of the rest of my media, with a friend who promised to send it all back to me in time. It's been a rather long time, but I did choose my steward well, because all the boxes came to me at once and I am giddy with reunion.

Except of course that since then I've bought the full Buffy series and no longer need my gift from Heaven. Is anyone lacking some Season 2 and Season 3 who would like them? They're very used; packaging is just about disintegrating, but each disc played for me without issues.

You can spread the word if you know someone else who'd want them, too. Doesn't have to be someone on my flist; just send him or her to me or get me a mailing address.

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