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Watch TV

Title: Watch TV
Author: Kairos
Rating: PG, which is apparently my very favorite rating.
Wordcount: 1185
Disclaimer: I too watch TV. And then I make stuff up about it.
Setting: Since the intended recipient of this story has read my lengthy AU-creator Let Me In, I decided to take advantage and place this right after the action in that one wraps up.
Dedication: This was written for fluffernutter8 for this meme. That was a hard prompt to work from, let me tell you.

Mostly, though, I was fueled by the ever-increasing need to provide some fluff for Fluff. I had already intended to make this a fluffy one, but I've been heavy on the angst lately, and then she wrote some angst, and it seems she had a bad day today, so at this point this is pretty much emergency fluff. (Maybe that's why I'm not happy with it. But if you, gentle reader, are not enamored of sugar and rainbows, or have {understandably} not read Let Me In, I admit I am apathetic about your enjoyment of this particular fic. It's not for you.) Fluffydear, I hope it makes you smile.

Cordelia glanced up from the magazine she was reading at the reception desk as Buffy stepped into the Hyperion. “Here it comes,” she said blandly.

“Here what comes? Where’s Angel?” Buffy’s happy demeanor went through a rapid transmutation. “Is Angel not here? Is he seriously not present at this location during this moment when he knew I was going to arrive? I don’t believe this.”

“Here that comes.” Cordelia set the magazine down. “He’ll be back in a jiffy. He said it was an emergency. Sacred duty? Protector of the innocent? Sound familiar?”

Buffy exhaled, crossed the room, and leaned down on Cordelia’s desk. “Yeah, I know. It’s just, this is our first weekend together in LA since you guys got back from that Piewheel world, and I didn’t want to spend any of it with the not having him here.” She risked a glare at the other girl. “And you told me he would be here. You owe me one vampire husband.”

“When the shipment comes in you’ll be the first to know.” Cordelia was impassive in the face of the accusation, a marked improvement from the days when Buffy was simply a competitor in her eyes. “Want to watch TV?”

Buffy led the way upstairs to the suite she officially, though rarely in practice, shared with Angel. “Aren’t you supposed to be working?” she commented as they settled in the living room area.

Cordelia shrugged. “I can hear the phone ring from here. You know, Buffy, I’m really glad you and Angel got married. There’s no other way he ever would have broke down and bought a television. A woman’s manipulation is exactly what his lifestyle was lacking.”

“I’m not really manipulating. I got him figured out is all. He likes watching movies and stuff, he just doesn’t want to admit it. Sort of like the singing thing.”

“Ooh!” said Cordelia. “Friends is on!”

Half an episode later, the door opened behind them, and Cordelia stood up and announced loudly, “Well, I better be heading downstairs to wait for the phone to ring! Any other kind of trouble happening in this building is completely not my business.”

Buffy waited for the sound of the door clicking shut behind her, but didn’t say anything or look up from the TV. Soon there was a presence looming behind her, and then Angel tentatively cleared his throat.

“Hello dear,” said Buffy evenly.

“Sorry I’m late...”

“No big. I’ve been quite occupied. I’m watching Friends. It’s a complex and intriguing show, full of social commentary and spontaneous hilarity. In fact, I think you should wait for a commercial break before trying to talk to me.”

Angel sighed, but didn’t come around from behind the couch. What did he think he was going to do, make her turn around first? “Buffy,” he complained.

“Shh,” she warned him. “I think Chandler’s about to do something zany.”

“You’re giving me the cold shoulder, is that it?”

Buffy pointed at the screen. “Ha ha ha! Boy, that was some well-placed sarcasm!”

That remark effectively brought him to his breaking point: “This show is the worst example of performance media that the modern world has to offer! It’s crass and the jokes aren’t funny and the characters make terrible role models! Why would anybody want to watch this trash?”

“Maybe because they’re sulky because their spouses left them alone without leaving a note or an explanation with Cordy or anything.”

Silence was his only answer: oh dammit, he was going to wait her out. He always won when he employed that tactic. Maybe it was time to lay out some argumentative ground rules.

However, this time he was the first to speak, and it was after letting very little time pass. “You’re going to make us late.”

She caught herself just before turning around to look at him. Playing on her curiosity, now, that was crafty too. Resolutely she kept her eyes forward. “Late for what?”

“Nothing. Sorry I interrupted your show. Maybe I should give it a chance. I’m just set in my ways, you know, used to live theatre. Anyway, I better go see if I can scalp these...”

Buffy forgot what she was holding out for and turned around to look up at his mischievously twinkling brown eyes. “Scalp what for the who now?” she said before noticing the pair of tickets in his hand. “Live theatre? We’re going out?”

“Anything to get that TV turned off,” said Angel, but he smiled and brought his other hand out from behind his back. He had a red rose, that sneaky devil, and a...menu?

She squirmed around further to get a closer look. “Bella Cucina? Did you get a reservation there? That’s like, where classy people go!”

“Well, it’s our first weekend here since I came back from Pylea, and I wanted to do something special.” He looked suddenly worried. “Do you want to? Maybe I should have asked first, but I realized I didn’t have any presents ready for you, and I...I kind of panicked.”

“And you ran out at the last minute to go plan a romantic evening.” Buffy plucked the rose out of his hand and hitched her arms around his waist, laughing into his chest. “Alright, you win. This time we’ll go with your plan. Only because I happen to have a classy dress with me. And because I missed you.”

He gestured at the TV, still prattling on behind her. “More than you’ll miss Chandler?”

“It’s a rerun. Bring on the guilt-induced date with my number one man. I’m getting manicotti. You’re getting...hm. Can’t tell what has garlic in it. What kind of play is this? Is there singing? Do I have time to change my hairstyle?”

At some point during the conversation, Angel had dropped the menu and tickets and filled his hands with her instead. They wandered over her back and arms, slid beneath her shirt, and moved up to play with her hair, pressing her closer to him in an almost incidental way. Buffy thought fleetingly of abandoning the newly made plans and replacing them with activities fit for taking place right here in the suite, but she sensed a fervid need in Angel’s embrace that really wasn’t sexual. “You okay?” she said softly as his cheek slid across her face.

“Just glad to be home,” he murmured.

She chuckled. “You never learn to appreciate your own dimension until you’ve spent some time in one with head-explody collars on all the humans, huh?”

He pulled his face back to look at her and said, “That’s not what I meant.”

She knew exactly what he had meant. She fumbled to reach the remote control and turn off the TV without letting go of him—- it wouldn’t do to leave the house without getting in one good solid kiss first, and Chandler wasn’t invited.

Angel’s tongue rediscovered her mouth as his hands had her body, and before she knew it, she had climbed over the back of the couch and was hanging onto him with all four limbs. She was glad to be home, too.

P.S. I just posted a contest over at my other blog, and I thought I'd invite you to take part too. You're also all welcome to friend me under that name and I'll friend you back, but it's been inactive lately and inane for far longer. I guess my recent life-changes are nudging me into an attempt to revive it through bribery? Whatever, we'll see.
Tags: character: angel, character: buffy, character: cordelia, fanfiction, fic: btvs/ats, let me in, pairing: buffy/angel

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