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More importantly, what's on my TV?

Doctor Who: I'm on the fourth season series, in the middle of Episode 13 when all the poop hits the fan. It's weird, I've enjoyed every single episode that I've watched, but I'm just not feeling that emotional connection that would make me think of it as one of my fandoms. It might be the limited cast - I try to get attached to characters, and just can't do it when there are only two who routinely interact with each other.

Season 4 has been fantastic, though. I love Donna, always saying she's nothing special and getting genuinely angry when people don't believe her. It's neat seeing all the former characters coming back right now, but the episode that truly impressed me was "Midnight", when the tiny issue of humans having no reason to trust the Doctor suddenly mattered, and he had no trick up his sleeve, and utterly failed to save the day. It really showed why he needed a companion, and not just for company, and hell if it didn't hurt despite my professed lack of connection. And the one before that, with Donna being wrenched away from her family and finding out they didn't exist? I honestly can't think of another fictional character being put through something so cruel. Well done, though I have to hope there's a reunion in her future.

Bones: Uh, yeah. I watched a whole season of Bones and didn't tell you. It was not a very good season. One thing I initially liked about this show was the way each episode would focus on a different subculture or profession or special interest group, and it would always be treated respectfully, letting us feel like we were looking in on the way other people live with admiration or sympathy. When I watched Season 5, I was insulted on behalf of neo-pagans. I was insulted on behalf of conspiracy theorists. By the time a theme came up that I could relate to, I didn't have any hopes left to dash.

My other major problem is that it's turned into the Booth Show. Now, I freely admit that I started watching for no other reason than David Boreanaz. Booth is also conclusively my favorite character by far. He's hot and he's a well-made character, and I'm not the only one who's noticed, so he became popular fast. What bugs me is that Brennan's become wallpaper, and even though I was never that crazy over her to start with, that's not right. An intelligent and troubled woman should be able to carry the story in which she's the titular character. If she's lost her appeal for fans, that's a reason to ramp up her development, not nudge her into the background.

Mad Men: Yeah, I've also been watching this without telling you. I have a friend in town who wanted to see it too, so we started meeting at her place for a disc per week. (For a while there I was watching like five shows at once! Madness!) I love it, but I don't really miss it when the friend in question is away, like she is now. Some shows I can watch by myself, some, I need the reactions of other people to keep me on track.

Around the end of the first season, I realized that I thought of it as Peggy's show, not Don's. Maybe it's because of the way she entered at the beginning, maybe it's because I'm always looking for a vulnerable young woman to relate to. But when she broke down and was asking why nobody liked her, it kind of made everything about her fall into place, and now the only two things I really, desperately want from the plot is for Peggy to be successful and happy and loved, and for Pete to turn into a semi-decent human being.

Game of Thrones: So, anyone want to talk about a certain major twist in the last episode? I can keep that up for hours, I assure you. I won't even give away the major twist coming up in the finale next week.

But this is all what it really boils down to for a pre-adaptation fan. There's the excitement of seeing scenes like that in live action at last, but there's probably more in hearing the reactions from new fans. There's also side effects to it being televised that I hadn't really anticipated. For instance, the author refuses to see the graphic sex and violence that he writes as gratuitous, because all he's doing is creating an intimate exploration of an individual's life, and I like that. Now we have fans who call it a guilty pleasure, words I never would have thought to apply - my dear series has turned shallow. Also, everyone thinks Ned is the ultimate idiot, but fortunately I find that more amusing than sad.

Friendship Is Magic: No new episodes until December! In the meantime, this is my last-ditch effort to convert you:

Ha ha, who am I kidding, of course it isn't.

Jossverse: This year I've bought the DVD sets of Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse, and miraculously had my copy of Dr. Horrible returned to me after quite a while (still waiting for Firefly, and it's been longer for that one). During my time of netlessness a little ways back, I started rewatching Dollhouse and found it interesting that my reactions so closely matched the ones I had the first time around. It was worth the purchase, but the bad episodes are still bad, and the good characters still take some time to get good. I also gave a night to Dr. Horrible. Commentary: the Musical would go down in history if there were any justice in the world.

I'd like to do a big epic rewatch of Buffy and Angel (there are still episodes of each that I've only seen once, and so long ago!), but I'd like to do it in a group context if possible, so I'm holding out to see if the one at BR gets revived or someone else begins another. Plenty to keep me busy until then.

Movies: I also made use of my favorites of the movies I own. I've seen The Matrix a million times, but none of them recently, and I was amazed at how well it held up. I was honestly captivated. I feel like this is the movie phenomenon that geekdom forgot; I miss it.

I also watched Princess Mononoke, almost definitely the most perfect movie ever made. It occurred to me that Adelle DeWitt might be an AU version of Lady Eboshi, or perhaps they were separated at birth. Anyway, I could probably watch Princess Mononoke every night for the rest of my life.

But I won't, because I'm still catching up with all the darned TV. Sooner or later I'll have to ask the flist for opinions again, just because you're all so good at it, but first I'm going to watch everything that Netflix has on Watch Instantly, and then I'm going to cancel it and watch everything on Hulu, and then everything I own.

Because that's how I watch.
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