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The music is beautiful.

The changed ages are already screwing with me. Sansa's going to be what, fourteen when she gets her period? Dany didn't even get her one little moment of pseudo-consent now that she's seventeen. Rickon's six now, is it? I wonder if that means he'll get lines.

"Newborn" puppies were totally the equivalent of the "newborn" TV babies which are actually three months old. But still cute and cuddly! Betcha they'll be CG'd up next season - mommawolf sure looked like she was to scale. (Was it clear that she was killed by an antler? Was there any connection made from antler-->deer-->Baratheon-->Robert?)

Everyone seems to like the dragons' eggs. I thought they were kind of blah. I wanted sparkles.

Jon and Robb shaved! I hope they keep doing that!

I had pictured the final scene as a kind of Scar-vs.-Mufasa, Jaime holding Bran in place and then letting go. The way they did it was definitely an improvement on my imagination. WHAM. And the most pivotal line in the episode, totally kept in.

Except I think they left out a line I wanted, what was it...probably the puppies scene again, Jon and Theon snarking at each other. Nobody even pointed out Ghost as an albino! They better make sure his eyes are red once they're more visible.

Favorite set: probably the godswood. The heart tree was hauntingly beautiful but didn't, to my eyes, seem fake.

More sex and boobies than I wanted, but I knew that was coming. It didn't really bother me.

Dany's still my girl. I don't know what it is, she's just so unreal.

Next episode: more wolves, more ravens! Some kick-ass Tyrion scenes, and a lot less talk of old times.

If you want a good summary or have questions about what you just watched, or just aren't sure what to think, I think this is the best place to go. There are spoilers there too of course.
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