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At least I know what TARDIS stands for now.

Rather some time ago I posted this poll asking people what I should watch next. I sort of implied that we would take this journey together and then I left you in the lurch, so there is guilt.

Anyway, I did take the advice of the majority and started watching Doctor Who on Netflix. I'm on Season 3 now and very much smitten with David Tennant. Really, I don't know what I ever did without him. It's safe enough to say that I love the show, but my affection for it is warring with a rather embarrassing personal issue which I'm going to finally admit out loud.

I can't follow a plot. I mean it. Forty-three minutes of a zany sci-fi show contains too much plot for me to follow. Movies? Not a chance. The premise is introduced, the conflict rises, the characters begin to work out a plan, and I am gone. Sometimes, multiple viewings help. Even after giving it my utmost concentration and analysis, though, I usually don't trust that I've understood what happened, and I'll find ways to avoid talking about that aspect of the story even if I'm the one who initiated the conversation. If you're watching with me and get up for a bathroom break? Yeah, don't ask me to recap what you missed. For everyone's sake.

Of course there's more to enjoy in a show or a movie than the plot, especially in the genre-rific fare that I prefer. I gravitate toward character dramas, in all their incarnations - that's why the Whedonverse is such a perfect fit for me. The monster of the week or the team's latest adventure never really matters that much; the lives of the people experiencing it do. Also, pretty visuals. Pretty visuals are important.

But the fact stands that I'm handicapped. Exposition scenes are of little value to me, which also means that any scene relying on the exposition won't give me much either. Add it all up, and it can be a sizable chunk of a story. So, while I always feel like I'm getting the most I can out of a standard BtVS episode, I'm not getting the most out of an episode of Doctor Who. All's fair, but you won't see me showing up in that fandom.

And yes, this probably does have something to do with why I like children's media so much. But not everything. The rest is ponies.

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