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Gadgets with attitudes

Well, the laptop died. Last time this happened you had to listen to me lamenting that my life was over and also I couldn't get online at all. Now it's not such a big deal, for a couple reasons, first being that I have a desktop.

My plan up til now had been to replace it with an iPad when the time came, but apparently I never actually paid attention to what an iPad really is, and I can't stomach a computer with a monthly bill. I'm pretty sure I can stomach a phone bill, though, and this is coming on the heels of another broken digital camera and also I hate my phone and always wanted a fancy MP3 player, so...iPhone time? I still need to be cautious, what with a wedding and parrot on the way, but I'd like to hear testimonies from gadget users. Is there a really good deal out there with my name on it?

Gonna miss that laptop, though. It never even had a name, poor thing, unless it was Marius II. One more thing I need to invest in is a better computer chair, or I don't know how I'm going to write and stay migraine-free at the same time.

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