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New LJ Community: Net Culture

Let me try to summarize the concept I'm about to pitch to you: I spend a lot of time talking to people on the internet (or listening to people on the internet, I get laconic, whatever). I also spend a lot of time thinking about how weird it is that we all know each other and we've never met, and how we have these little homes and wander all over the net soaking stuff up and making social rules and not following them.

Occasionally this type of thing comes up in (online) conversation, and I decided to set aside a place meant specifically for that kind of talk. If you have commentary on what the hell a fandom is, or want to complain about screen names that annoy you, or find yourself with awkward questions about your Otherkin buddy's spiritual beliefs, come join net_culture for some good old-fashioned electronic anthropology.

I'm intent on quality over quantity for this one so I'm not going to plug it anywhere else and I'm not going to try to lure in anyone who isn't already intrigued by the dynamics of online interaction, but membership is open and all ideas (seriously all of them) are welcome. Expect it to be a bit slow-paced at first unless you bring in the content yourself, since I'm currently kind of tapped out.

Oh, and the header is my own work (aside from the obvious). Told ya I'm an artist.
Tags: electronic anthropology

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