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Make me do your bidding.

Just recently my new friend ljsybil (new to LJ, help me welcome her!) said such a nice thing to me over at Blood Roses, about making others happy through words and support and art, that it got me thinking about how maybe that's the key to the inspiration I always feel like I'm missing. I always concentrate better on a project when I'm doing it for someone.

So, let me do something for you, and it'll be good for me too. If you read this blog or know me at all, you have some concept of what my skills are, possibly a better one than I have. You can also use this opportunity to push me out of my comfort zone, though. No limits, although let's start with one slot per person. What do you wish I was spending my time on?

Request an Anything by/from/of Kairos

1. Dawn&Angel fic for leni_ba
2. Surrealist original fiction for deovalente
3. Continuing "Older" for grrarghx3 (see it here!)
4. Fluffy yet realistic B/A fic for fluffernutter8
5. Fluffy B/A fic for racheltng
6. Continuing "The Further Adventures of Spike and Faith" for dulcedeusex
7. White Carousel illustration for scribesds
8. Post-#40 Season 8 fic for ital_gal
9. Buffy&Connor fic for ljsybil
10. Angel's POV Season 8 fic for words_by_ash
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