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This is a fascinating scientific inquiry.

Okay, so, I'm watching the first season of Bones, right? And this one episode, "The Man on the Fairway," right? It has this whole storyline about feeding a frozen pig into a wood chipper to analyze the trajectory pattern and see if the same thing was done to a human body.

Well, when I was a kid I went on a homeschooler field trip to a forensic lab and heard a tale about their crew performing the exact same experiment for the exact same reason. Does anyone have any trivia about this episode that will tell me if it's based on some incident that happened in Connecticut a whole bunch of years ago?

Probably not, and it's just going to have to always bug me, but damn I could not stop grinning during those scenes.

P.S. Yes, the tour guide at the forensic lab telling the story was a guy, and yes, he seemed pretty pleased about it.

P.P.S. I also learned that you can use a bag of potato chips to set a car on fire.

P.P.P.S. It is incredibly lame that I'm taking this long to finish up the last chapter of "Infinity Questions." Soon though.
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