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Season 8 Issue #40, summarized in verse

Buffy learns betrayal’s price;
Twilight’s trapped in Paradise.
The Slayer line waits for the day
It wakes up in Melaka Fray.
Scheming Amy, still a rat,
Wound up next to Warren’s splat.
On the phone, the General’s wife
Heard a gunshot take his life.
Spike’s got bugs to boss around,
Kennedy has hit the ground.
Satsu’s team is now dispersed –
Slayers think their lives are cursed.
Aluwyn has left a hole;
Willow’s world has lost its soul.
Dawn’s pursuing higher ed:
Xander’s girlfriend isn’t dead.
R.E. Giles made a call
Claiming Faith receives it all.
Can she heal a broken lurk?
Buffy says, “Let’s go to work.”
Tags: dark horse buffy comics, poetry
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