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I just feel the need to tell the world that I finished reading every single submission to the 2010 I Will Remember You Fic Marathon, and reviewing most of them. (If I missed you, let me know; I probably couldn't figure out where to leave my feedback.)

Thirty-one days, thirty-six stories. I was mentioned in the author's note for seven of them. What, you think I wouldn't go back and count? I live for this stuff. Being the beta-at-your-service was enormous fun and probably helped me more than it helped them.

Yes, I know November wrapped up rather a while ago, but it's never too late for some concluding celebration. I am so grateful for the B/A fandom!

I couldn't make myself choose recs to link here, but if anyone wants to informally state their favorite/s, maybe you could do so in the comments. You can pimp yourself, sure. Share the love! IWRY rocks!
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