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Looks like I won a thing!

Er, runner-upped a thing. Cool! I don't really know what the deal with awards is, but I guess this is something that happens sometimes when you post fiction publicly?

Anyway, I don't think I posted the drabble in question here, so I'll do so now.


“Hey Giles, you know those orbs you have on the top shelf that say they’re ‘pan-dimensional’?”

“Yes, what about them?”

“And then, those pouches under the glass case that say the same thing?”

“Yes, Xander, what’s your question?”

“What’s pan-dimensional mean?”

“They exist in all dimensions, or, spells cast through them affect all dimensions.”

“Okay, so, hypothetically, if some guy dropped one of the orbs into one of the bags—-by accident-—what would happen?”

“Well, it’s untested, but in theory, the universe might begin to slowly unravel until the pouch was inverted and the orb removed.”

“...Be right back.”
Tags: award, drabble, fanfiction

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