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Sorry for not posting.

Did you know that there's a blog devoted entirely to collecting entries from other blogs that begin with some version of "Sorry for not posting"? I didn't bookmark it because I could tell I was going to get addicted, and now I can't find it.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that I am alive and have been reading all your posts, and tonight I flipped back a few pages to read some of them again but with less exhaustion. I didn't catch up, and won't, so if there's something you wish I saw, please link me up.

(I will, however, have titles for ba_rosebuds, probably on Thursday, and a hiatus post for projectpara, probably on Friday.)

No particular story behind the absence. It's the season, after all. I've been productive and happy and tomorrow I'm going to Ikea to buy a rolling pin.
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