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More loot!

Today I got a Hanukkah card from a2zmom (it's beautiful!), an American Gods story from carlyinrome (go read, even if you haven't read the book-- you know who Bast is, right?), and a promise from Amazon.com to replace the DVD order that I was supposed to receive a month ago. Yay!

Oh, I also got a couple chocolate whatsit coins (gelt?) from a friend at work. She's not Jewish either. Even Gentiles cannot resist the allure of chocolate + shiny. I mean, find a way to combine that with kittens, and world domination is in your grasp.

Speaking of coins, anyone seen Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? Usually I refuse to watch anything that looks like a comedy, but this one actually had me pretty captivated. The Power of Self-Respect is kind of inspiring.
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