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Dead, but it won't stop walking.

I'm still pretty impressed. The last couple episodes had me especially curious because I don't remember a thing about the research center (which doesn't mean it didn't happen in the comics; it's been a while), but as a plot development it made a lot of sense. A day to regroup, a few much-needed character moments, and probably as much exposition about the virus as we're ever going to get-- fits the medium.

The love triangle will reach its climax soon, I hope, since now it's not so much a love triangle as a lies and terror triangle. But you know who I'm loving on? Dale/Andrea. Actually, Dale might be my favorite character overall. Usually I don't dig on age differences that big (well, physically evident ones, you know what I mean), but he's just so honest. Hello, moral center of the group.

One thing I noticed: does this show know how to end an episode, or what? That attack on the campsite at night, and then, okay, I'm not an explosion fetishist, but as explosions go, I'd say that was pretty awesome.

Love the strategic picking off of extras. It's like Battle Royale! Only new characters are periodically added to replace them. I'm impatient for a certain other character to get his love interest.

Talk to me about The Walking Dead!
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