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Shag, Marry, or Shove Off a Cliff

Got tagged on this one by racheltng and am belatedly filling it out. You know the game? Prod me for it and you too can receive a list of three male characters who you may then select to take into your bed, join in matrimony, or ruthlessly murder. And no overlapping!

1.) Shag: Badass!Wesley

He's going through a rough time. You can't count on him for stability, and although his heart is in the right place, his ethics are in the grey area. He's hot like a flamethrower and he'd be great in the sack.

2.) Marry: Dominic

I'll be honest here; I don't really remember his character well enough to vouch for him on much. But forgettable men can often make good husbands! Plus, he's got a job and can operate a gun. What? I'm not aiming low, I'm being practical.

3.) Shove off a cliff: Billy

Now, hear me out. This guy wants to rule the world. Yes, he's very nice and we're sympathetic to his plight, but he wants to rule the world. Also, he has skills enough to give him a fighting chance at success, but no skills that would help him if he were to actually achieve world leadership, so I think we're better off eliminating him now, before any more Felicia Days have to die for his agenda.
Tags: character: wesley, dollhouse, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, meme

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