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The Season 8 Observations That Lead Nowhere Thread

Alright, so Issue #39 is delayed until tomorrow, and I kind of feel responsible because that's what I wanted, so I thought I'd open the floor for anyone who wanted their issue today and needs to yell at me for my apparent magic powers.

Also, here's what I do when I'm waiting to find out what happens next: I think about the last hint we got, and then I connect it to something else we know, and then I connect that to another fact, and eventually I have a whole list of connections that don't mean anything! Eventually; the list will loop back to a previously stated fact; that won't mean anything either. Sound fun? Here we go!

In the preview pages for #39, there's a mention of Dracula.
Dracula is one of three vampires who has tasted Buffy's blood; the other two have already shown up.
Buffy's blood created Dawn.
Dawn is a Key to open portals to other dimensions.
Buffy and Angel created a new dimension with this Twilight business.
Angel is now possessed by Twilight.
Buffy notes that she and Angel can hurt each other now, probably due to proximity to the Seed.
The Seed has the Master protecting it.
The Master has tasted Buffy's blood...

See how this works? Let's try the same one, in a different direction.

In the preview pages for #39, there's a mention of Dracula.
Dracula has had Xander under his thrall multiple times.
Xander was dating Renée during Dracula's arc.
As Renée was dying, she thought about something she never got to tell Xander.
Renée was turned into a Slayer by the power of the Scythe.
The Scythe is an ancient weapon bound by demon blood.
Dracula also has an ancient weapon bound by demon blood...

There, now you try it while I go hack up whatever remains of my lungs and squirt more medicine down my throat.
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