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A'ight, here we go.

This morning I managed to throw together a banner by myself, for myself, permanently alerting viewers of my blog that there is content here which must be requested before it is seen. What that means is that this is the last time I will ever make a post like this:

I've recently made some new friends. Hello, new friends! If you would like to be on my 'real life' filter, please comment here telling me your favorite kind of tree. The real life filter may include updates on what I've been up to in the 3D world, complaints about the same, clumsy photography, and non-fan-related art.

(Apparently, the 'Friends Only' banner is also showing up in your flist despite its future date, so this is more redundant than usual. Whatever. It's no secret that I have no idea what I'm doing.)

I got my user info page and the links/layout on the recent entries cleaned up, too, for pretty much the first time ever. And I got my extra icon space! Yay! This is totally a real blog, now!

Also, you may have noticed that I showed up again on IWRY today. This was my backup story, one which I wasn't thrilled about. I'm wondering if it means that there are a couple writers still late with their submissions? If so, I'm also wondering if I'm responsible, as there were a couple of beta jobs that I was rather late about myself. If you didn't get some crit from me that you were waiting for, please let me know so I can resend it and we can get you in this marathon!

I'll post the backup story here in a little while. It's actually meant to follow "Let Me In", so I'd like to get that one down first.
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