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I finally just finished my IWRY fic, gave it a final edit, and sent it off to the Mistress of Ceremonies. Phew! Clocked in at just over 10k words. Have I lost my mind?

(Don't look for me to show up yet; I don't have a set day, but this will be featured in IWRY, I swear.)

So, I'm pretty sure that before long, I may start doing things unrelated to staring at the same document and typing one word every ten minutes with my chilly fingers. Things like reading and reviewing everyone else's fics. And playing around with GIMP.

Looks like Kronos won the poll, but you can still vote if you want. I was kind of going to go with Kronos even if it lost. Sorry, other voters.

Man, it's late in here. I accomplished a thing. Goodnight.
Tags: iwry
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