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SLAINE: The Witch Queen

My dad just returned from Prague, bearing gifts. Awesome gifts.

He also got me a Czech heraldic standards sticker and a miniature Anubis figure, but this I had to share. A Czech graphic novel! A bloody, gory, campy, old-school, cliché-ridden, Czech fantasy graphic novel! Let's see some more!

What's going on here? I DON'T KNOW!

Look at this guy, cuddling his little son while goblin head trophies are dangling from his belt. You can't not love him. You can't.

After the thrill had worn down a little I looked at the publishing information and realized that it was actually an English comic translated into Czech. Oh well, I thought, it's still cool. Then I kept flipping through, and...

Wait a second. That looks suspiciously like the Wicker Man that Jo described in the Project Paranormal story we just read...well, I've heard of those before, it's not that much of a coincidence. I mean, if there was a comic book featuring the White Horse chalk figure right after I had found one for that community...

Well, it looks like I need to learn Czech now.

P.S. I love my dad.
Tags: a comic i read, comic scans of doom, project paranormal
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