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I don't trust me with choices.

Ever since my laptop was fixed, imperfectly and with great difficulty, I've been planning on getting myself a new desktop and taking the strain off this little monkey. The other night I discussed it with the friend who sold me the laptop, since of course I had no idea what I want to look for. Well, now I know.

Considerations before I make a purchase:
a) It's out of my price range.
b) I really, really want it.

This could be my gateway to digital art, graphics and photomanipulation, vidding, web design, Netflix on demand, MMORPGs, expanding musical horizons, and all the other stuff I always wanted to get into but couldn't...is it worth going back into debt already? Is there a third option?

Oh, and I just ordered the BtVS complete series off Amazon. If I get the Mac, I'll be able to, you know, watch it!

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