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Will You Remember Me?

I've already posted this to joyousrebellion, but even if all the B/A shippers on my flist have already seen it there, it merits repetition and the open air of an unlocked post.

The greatly beloved annual I Will Remember You Fic Marathon is on for November and still has slots open for any writer who would like to participate. The only requirement is that stories must be centered around the Buffy/Angel relationship and treat it with respect-- any genre and any level of writing ability is welcome! This is a great opportunity to try your hand at writing B/A for the first time, especially because this year we'll be offering beta help to anyone who wants it. (By "we" I do mean I'll be one of the betas. I know everything there is to know about where to put apostrophes and have years of practice in saying it nicely.)

Head over to iwry_marathon to learn more, or go straight to sign-ups here. Our host this year will be scribesds, and she's working hard to keep this tradition alive and well, so let's show our support by participating, staying tuned to read the stories, and spreading the word!
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