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Okay, so yes, I'm back on my own computer, with all my own links and music and files and preferences. Everything was rescued aside from the CDrom, which doesn't concern me all that much. The guy who worked the magic suggested that I not pour any more money into this machine, and save for a new one instead, and I agree, but for now, I've got everything I need.

I'm also fully moved into the new apartment, and I have a job. All good news.

Of course, with big changes come little glitches, like "This desk was made to discourage people from owning laptops" and "This is the first time I'm using this sink; why does the handle come off in my hand?" and "I think I can finally afford to buy some basic necessities but there is no such thing as a grocery store in this city". Events are likely to conspire against me showing a full presence for a while longer; sorry. I'm still listening, I swear.

And look at this, my return falls on the eve of #36. I'll be back tomorrow to gush. I'm not counting on a lot of B/A fulfillment this time, but a little backstory will go a long way. The dog, it talks. If Andrew survives, he might get to find out that Warren really does love...hanging out with him. Spike and Faith are in the same place for the first time since "Chosen"! (I know, it's not going to happen, but I can at least hope for some interaction to take place between them.)

Missed you guys. I mean, missed being able to type words at you on a keyboard that doesn't cramp my hands or have ashtrays next to it. See you tomorrow.
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