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Anonymous: Buffy Summers

I do art sometimes. What skills I had have mostly atrophied in my adult life, but I've been a little more enthused about it lately because I have access to a tablet for the first time and it's a new medium for me.

Anyway, I'd been wanting to do some fan art for a while, but I was kind of stumped when it came to the Buffyverse characters because they're portrayed by actual human beings. I'm not good at turning faces into cartoony versions, and I don't want to be drawing portraits of Sarah Michelle Gellar. So here's the concept I'm exploring: a close-up shot of the character that leaves out his or her face, or at least most of it, but includes some features that identify the character.

Buffy's the only iconic character I can think of who's recognizable from her neck alone. Also, collarbones are gorgeous. I'm just going to post the picture now and stop talking because this will very easily turn into my whining about how I'm unhappy with such-and-such about the finished product.

But drop me an encouraging comment and I might be persuaded to do Angel next.

Tags: art, character: buffy

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