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Books Lately: Snooty Bookworm/Geek Edition

I went camping last week, just me and the doggo. Learned a lot about roughing it, but also had a lot of reading time, and The Great Gatsby went by faster than was convenient considering I had nothing else ready to go on my Kindle. It was good, but as far as I can tell the only reasons everyone's so crazy about it are its accessibility and the homoerotic subtext.

Fortunately I had also brought along a hardcover, The Body: A Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson. This was on our shelf because Simon likes medical stuff, and I'm reading it because I like Bill Bryson. It's less funny than the autobiographical books I've read by him, but it's keeping me interested in topics I'd generally ignore, and that's a good way to learn new things.

Lady Chatterly's Lover was in the Little Free Library so I took it, against my better judgment, and then it ended up being the next one on the shelf when I needed a fiction paperback. I don't think I've read any novels by D.H. Lawrence, but I do have a vague reaction of distaste when I hear his name, so apparently I've read something. As for this particular novel, so far I don't really like it but I'm noting it as a recommendation for anyone who loves The Great Gatsby. Also both of them have a character named Michaelis and I don't know how to pronounce it.

I didn't mean to start another Peltedverse right away, but it was another matter of conveniently filling a slot, and Laisrathera is the third in the series that I'm pretty sure I like the best. Not too far in yet (some of these books are surprisingly long), but it looks like it will be fun.

Did you see that BTS feature on Netflix's The Sandman adaptation? I was camping when it came out, but once I returned I channeled my inner hipster to let everyone at CBR know that I liked it before it was cool, via this photo:

Well that paid off almost immediately because it turns out I'm the only news editor there who's well-versed in Sandman (somehow?!), so I'll probably get to do a lot of coverage once more info begins to drop. With that in mind I got to work on my reread, and I'm now about halfway through The Doll's House (second out of ten volumes). "Tales in the Sand" brought back a lot of memories, as did "24 Hours," for which I'm going to need a battle plan when it comes time to watch a live-action episode. The world is not ready for this, me least of all.
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