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I can't really keep up with anything lately so here's art from the end of 2020 that I never got around to posting. The tail end of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic introduced hippogriffs as a sentient race and I really liked their design so I tried converting my ponysona into one but it was harder than I expected.

I do have a working tablet now and it's a good one, but the replacement computer is painfully sluggish so I can't really multitask on it as is my wont. I should be setting aside time to just do art and ignore everything else but you know how it is, plus I'm far from mastering Clip.

Yes, I had a ponysona. I miss that cartoon. It always used to cheer me up when I felt like this.

Obligatory clarifying note, I am FINE, just tired and grumpy.
Tags: art, ponies

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