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Books Lately With a Visual Aid

Last week my family celebrated my niece's ninth birthday, and the theme she chose was...dragons. Obviously this is awesome, but my sister explained to me in advance that the new dragon obsession was due entirely to a book series she had been devouring called Wings of Fire. As it turns out I had already heard about those from Simon's boss's kids, who also have a newfound dragon obsession, so my curiosity was beginning to pile up and when we got there I borrowed the first book in the series and skimmed through it (didn't attempt to read it since last time that happened I didn't finish before leaving and had to send it back through the mail).

I am now livid that these books weren't around when I was a kid. All of the characters are dragons! Proper dragons, with wings and four legs and breath weapons and language and functioning societies! They come from different tribes that have different abilities and cultures! There's an epic war and a prophecy to save the world! And I was surprised to see it, but the writing actually seems really well-done, with character development, plot twists, readability, etc.

When I got home I googled to learn some more, and I think I've managed to scratch the itch enough to not go off and purchase and read hundreds of pages of children's literature. It was touch and go when I found out there's a character named Kinkajou, though. She's a RainWing - rainforest dragon, color-shifting acid-spitters and huh, now that I'm typing that I have to wonder if they were inspired by LSD. Anyway, the last thing I need is a new fandom, but I might look up some fan art from time to time, or create some and give it away to the dragon-obsessed kids in my life (what a great excuse).

Okay but the visual aid has nothing to do with any of that. It's a poster that said sister got me from my Amazon wishlist for last Christmas. I meant to show it off as soon as I had finished scratching off the books I had read, but of course I never get around to things. Except now that I've just finished The Odyssey, it was the first time since receiving the poster that I got to scratch off a new one, so this is as good an occasion as any!

Cool, huh? I love scratch-off posters. A few years ago I got Simon the United States one, and more recently I balanced it with the Europe one for me. They're side by side in the bedroom. Wait, this is supposed to be a post about books.

Next one up is Flowers For Algernon. That one is also on the poster, but more importantly, it's the last of the free books I've been downloading since I first got a Kindle. (Almost all of them were right at the beginning when I went on the hunt for them, so I thought The Odyssey was going to be the last one until I got Flowers For Algernon I don't remember where.) What this means? When I finish it, I...choose what book to read next. My friends, that is monumental.
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