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Happy December

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Yesterday I put up all the decorations inside the house (I started with the outdoor lights but had some mishaps with the timer and outlets and all and now it's snowing so I don't know when I'll finish), and the Christmas that we have planned will take little in the way of preparation so I'm looking forward to a nice cozy month of relaxation and working on projects.

In the meantime, of course, things are bad or worse for many and I don't mean to minimize that. Colorado is going back into red alert with a hovering possibility of "purple alert," and it's frustrating to know we can't save our local businesses but more frustrating to know that this might not even help. All in all, though, rather than apologizing for personally having a good life during a crisis, let me drop in a reminder that if there's anything I can do to help you out or cheer you up, all you have to do is say so.

Anyway, about those projects.

Finished the Kastle fic!

Original fiction:
Unless I dreamed it, I seem to have added an actual paragraph to Retronym, maybe even more than one. I'm going to go open the doc to find out, but even if it was all a dream, at least that gives me some inspiration on how to continue.

Art and crafting:
Of the three digital art pieces I've been working on since forever, two are now finished and I'm moderately happy with one. Will post both of them in another entry.
I decided that the something I make for my nephew will be Pokemon fan art in traditional media (specifically, art markers, since I seem to have some now). I questioned him about his favorites and out of everything he mentioned I was only familiar with Venusaur and Umbreon, so it's going to be a battle between those two.

TV and games:
The last item I had in this category was about FFIX, and I'm not going to finish it (or replace the Playstation) this year, so I'll stop updating about it.

Back on the Buffy episode reviews! Sort of. Haven't gotten far with the next one. But it's a thing I'm doing!
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