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A Conspiracy of Ravens - Epilogue

Chapter Title: Epilogue
Author: Kairos
Fandom: Netflix MCU mashup
Wordcount: This part, 890
Rating: Teen
Summary: Alias Investigations on the scene, less concerned about who's in love with who, and more concerned about what new threat is walking the streets.
Notes: This is what I felt was missing from the last chapter to make it a real ending - it's got a little bit of closure and a lot of hints about what's coming up in the sequel. Goodbye for now! I'll be turning to a different fandom for a while before I come back to this one.

Nobody was around, but a police line marked the building well ahead of the actual crime scene. Trish imitated Jessica in ducking under the barricade tape at the entrance, but felt a little more reluctant about going into the room itself. She hovered at the door, watching Jessica take the slow and careful steps of a dedicated investigator.

Trish unfolded the paper note in her hands and read it for at least the twentieth time. Jessica Jones, your interference has been observed, it said, and nothing else. Apparently it had been slipped into Jessica’s mail slot that morning by someone who had left no other trace.

“Matt really did a job on this place,” said Jessica with a hint of approval in her voice. “Looks like they already took away whatever they thought was evidence, though.”

With the silence broken, Trish’s curiosity pulled her away from the note and toward Jessica, who was now taking a multitude of pictures on her phone. There was broken glass and debris on the floor, but it was too hard to see the shelves from where Trish was standing, so she finally decided to cross the tape and go inside, moving carefully to match the precision that Jessica always employed without effort.

“You said you didn’t get this far last night, right?”

“Right. But this is where Matt was headed.”

Trish shook her head ruefully. “I can’t believe he really was alive all this time.”

“I can.” There was dry anger in the words. “Trying to protect everyone by hurting us is such a Murdock move.”

“Well, with this secret cult gang thing sending you threats immediately after you started helping him, maybe he has a point.”

“Mm,” replied Jessica, her gaze fixed pensively on a shelf of unmarked jars over her head. “I kind of don’t think they’re that into Matt. I think the note was about something else.”

This was news to Trish. “What else could it be?” When she didn’t get an immediate response her patience plunged. “Hello? Jess? I’m trying to show you I can be a good sidekick here but I figured that meant you were going to let me in on what you’re doing?”

“Yeah, okay.” She dropped her eyes back down to Trish and sighed. “So, here’s the thing. After I saw Claire this morning, she left and someone else came by. Frank Castle.”

“Seriously? What did he want?”

“He wanted Karen’s house key.” Jessica shrugged. “I gave it to him. I wish Karen would call me up and give me a piece of her mind over that, but I know she won’t. Last I heard from her was the middle of the night when she said she was with Frank and asked me to take her dog out.”

Trish frowned. “So...he didn’t say anything about Daredevil? That’s weird.”

“I mean, it’s hard to know what someone knows and it’s way harder to know what they don’t know. But I’d put my money on Frank not knowing Matt was back, so I kept my mouth shut about it. He was actually in a pretty good mood, so that was weird too.”

It hadn’t escaped Trish that Jessica was now apparently on a first-name basis with the Punisher, but there was more than that to unpack here. “Looks like Castle and Karen are official now, huh.”

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Yeah, you should do a vigilante gossip spot on Trish Talk. Anyway, my point is that Karen went out looking for trouble last night, and if she was with Frank at the end of it, he got into the trouble with her. Matt didn’t cross paths with them, but he was up against the same bad guys they were. Javelin. And Claire said Matt said at least one of them is still out there, so...if they knew I was helping him, why weren’t they ready with an ambush?”

“You think the one who was missing was after you?”

“I think they were after Frank. Or Karen, or both. I didn’t know about Matt until last night, but I - we - have been working with Karen for a long time now.”

Trish was starting to shiver, but she held tight to her rational mindset. “Only about the Donovan Wake case,” she pointed out.

Jessica shook her head in frustration. “Which was intersecting with the Javelin case long before we stuck our noses into it.”

“But how would they know anything about you? Unless Karen told someone--”

“Trish. Look at that note.”

Reluctantly complying, Trish unfolded the anonymous threat again and raised an eyebrow. “What did you get from it that I didn’t?”

Jessica took a step closer and made a vague gesture. “Parchment. Ink from a well, like you dip quills into if you’re from a few hundred years ago. And nobody in my building saw or heard anyone come up to my floor, and it wasn’t in front of the mail slot, it was on my desk.”

“You didn’t tell me that,” said Trish, alarmed.

“I know. Sorry.” She even sounded it, but more than that, she was clearly resolved. “They’ve got ways,” she admitted. “It’s nobody’s fault, but they’ve got ways, and they know about me. I don’t think this is just a cult, Trish. I think we’re up against dark arts.”

Previous chapter.
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