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Happy October

Yeah I skipped a month again and don't have much to show for it, come at me bro.

I thought I was doing so good keeping up with that Kastle fic, but it turns out I was only writing it on Tuesdays. Then one Tuesday I only got half a chapter done, and the next one I rented a steam cleaner instead of going to my fic-writing coffeehouse. Ah well. There are other Tuesdays coming up.

Original fiction:
...Nothing worth reporting. It's getting on in the year; I think I'm in trouble.

Art and crafting:
I finished the dress I was making for my youngest niece and got it mailed out for her birthday (along with toys, I'm not a monster), and she's worn it at least once and I could not be more pleased. The last one of my sister's kids to not get a handmade thing from me this year is the hardest one, since he's a boy and 12. I might try my hand at Pokemon art.
Everything looks tentatively okay with the new tablet/computer combo. Digital art soon?

Still haven't counted how many books I've read this year. I should do that.
For Lord of the Rings I think I meant I was going to read and discuss the whole book, but Taaroko and I just finished up with The Fellowship of the Ring and we're definitely not stopping, and considering how much we've gotten out of it, I feel fine crossing it off the resolutions list.

TV and games:
Oh Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones. One. Episode. Left.

This is supposed to be the freebie category and I'm still failing it.
Tags: middle-earth, westeros, writing
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