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The digital art situation

Remember a couple months ago when I was all pleased with myself because I drew a lion? That wasn't supposed to be the last bit of digital art I ever posted. I had big plans.

Then my drawing tablet stopped communicating properly with Photoshop, and once I gave in and tried it with other programs, those didn't work any better. Okay, tablet is a few years old and it's not a great brand. Time to shell out for a real Wacom.

Wacom arrived and immediately informed me that my OS needed updating for the drivers to be downloaded. I had a talk with the Mac and found out that it was too old to support Catalina.

Now of course you don't use a computer regularly for ten years and expect it to keep performing like new, especially if you're as tech-illiterate as I am. But the frustrating thing is that I just got a new computer for my birthday in July - it's a Chromebook and just what I wanted and I love it, but there's no running art programs from this little guy. The idea was to use it for everything except art, and maybe that would give the Mac enough of a break that it could handle its one job.

Cue another week of fretful vacillations, and finally I decided to shell out again, this time for a slightly newer model of the same computer. I found one on eBay for $200, and I don't even know if that's a good deal, but it's on its way now and if it lets me draw I will have no regrets.

So, if I post any digital art in the future, you'll know. If I don't, I'll probably post another rant instead. Damned computer stuff.

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