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Fanfic Titles Meme

Snagged from egelantier.

look at the most recent 20 fanwork titles on your AO3 account and answer some questions.

1. how many are you happy with?

Like...two thirds?

2. how many are... not great?

Particularly, "Safekeeping", "Make It Right", "Smoked Fish", and "Nock, Draw, Release"

3. how many did you scramble for at the last minute?

All of the above plus "The Leopard Queen", "Through the Fog", and "Meanwhile on the Street."

4. how many did you know before you started writing/creating, or near the beginning?

"Rocket Being Loved by Five (And Rocket Loving One)" was a request fill, although I altered it a bit. "Wolfsbane" and "Brace For Impact" were both ideas I had in mind before I started writing.

5. how many are quotes from songs or poems?

"Through the Fog" and "There Ain't a Cloud in Sight".

6. which best reflects the plot of the story/content of the fanwork?

"A Conspiracy of Ravens", "Growth Rings", "Pyrolysis", "Wedding at Sea", and "Axe Handle."

8. which best reflects the theme of the story/fanwork?

"Keep the Light On", "Terra Incognita", and "Phantoms."

9. which is your favourite?

"Procyon B."
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