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TV Lately - Quarantinus Eclectica

Taaroko finally talked me into starting Community, which I had been aware of for years but had no interest in because it's a comedy. I've been talked into comedies before (usually by Taaroko), I just always approach them with suspicion, probably something to do with growing up in the 90s. Anyway, this one hit the sweet spot and I'm now happily marching through Season 3.

I think the key is in the level of non-humorous character building. None at all and you get Seinfeld, which is wickedly funny but has no heart. Too much and you get Friends, which never explains why you're supposed to actually like these shallow backstabbing people. Everyone in Community, aside from Pierce, has the kinds of flaws that in real life would make you laugh without automatically ruining relationships, and the fourth wall is kept nicely translucent.

Also for me it's pretty relatable, thanks to Abed, the setting, and having that one friend who can't pronounce "bagel".

One of the previews that Netflix kept auto-playing on me was Beastars, and me being who I am, I couldn't help noticing that it was a furry anime. Now I'm only into furry in the loosest most casual sense, and I'm very picky about my anime, and I'm also not fifteen, but...I've been following the history of this kind of media for too long to just ignore it. I watched the whole thing.

It's actually pretty good! I would definitely only recommend it if you're already into one or more of those niches, but the characters and story are respectably interesting and not just there to prop up the kink material (warning: vore). A couple things about the art style bug me, but it's sort of in the way that makes me want to fix it with fan art, not the way that ruins the whole show.

It took a long time but Simon and I finally finished the last two episodes of The Witcher. (And then it took another long time for me to mention it but you're used to that.) Amazingly we came out of it with pretty similar opinions, particularly about the unsatisfying division of screentime. Geralt was at his best when interacting with another major character, but he barely ever did that. For the most part it was his arc, Yennefer's arc, and Ciri's arc all proceeding independently of each other, and to make it worse, neither of us really liked Yennefer.

I think by nature of where the plot was left, the next season will be much more enjoyable, so I'm looking forward to it but I'm not really feeling any pull from the show like I did for a few episodes in the middle. The song is still good though. Anyone have a link to some other Jaskier tunes?

And Taaroko and I are rewatching Legion because of course we are. No, but really, this has always been a show where you can pick up on new things every time you watch, but it's especially engaging now that both of us have seen all three seasons already. We're working out the finer details of the plot, or more accurately, the totality of what the hell just happened. We also found a Legion podcast, which I'm listening to whenever I do yoga (i.e., sporadically, but I'm almost through the second season), and I've reached the point in the original comics where David's character is introduced - not sure when he'll be back, though.

It's official, at least for the foreseeable future: Legion is my favorite show. However unlikely it is, I'll never stop hoping for some alternate reality from it to return to the screen.

I've pretty much already covered everything I wanted to say about The Legend of Korra, but now that I've finished it, I just want to add that I was right and it's not as good as The Last Airbender. It definitely went on too long. The format with a different Big Bad for each season doesn't work well in this world, particularly since none of the villains were that interesting.

Of course it had its moments and I don't regret the purchase, but it's hard to not feel a bit disappointed about a sequel series not living up to Aang's legacy.

Final note on what I've been watching is Tiger King, just like everyone else. It's extremely engaging but I haven't finished it, perhaps because it's also quite sad and depressing. As an animal lover I was already aware of the way big cats are exploited in private collections, and seeing real-life examples of it without a filter is pretty rough.

I'm pretty sure that I once saw a performance by one of these companies - not Joe Exotic but the other guy, with the cult and the harem. It was about fifteen years ago, in Massachusetts, and there's no way to dig up enough details to confirm it, but they had a liger and a couple of beautiful woman "trainers". Or I don't know, maybe the Big E is mentioned directly in one of the episodes I haven't watched yet. Anyone else have real-life Tiger King memories?
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