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A series of questions with no surprising answers.

Snagged from ragnarok_08.

When was the last time you left your home?
About an hour ago, to walk the dog.

What was the last thing you bought?
A Mother's Day Irish breakfast delivery special from a local restaurant.

Is quarantine driving you insane or are you finally relaxed?
I've had a couple low points but overall I feel great.

Who are you spending quarantine with?
My husband.

Do you have pets to keep you company?
Four of them and I'm so so grateful.

What are your current responsibilities?
Editing shifts three times a week, household maintenance.

Do you have a room to yourself?
I'm the only one who uses the studio/laundry room for much, so yeah, unless Tealeaf counts. It's really her room and she plants herself wherever I can't ignore her whenever I'm in there.

Are you exercising?
Walking the dog, hiking sometimes, a bit of yoga. I took a bike ride the other day and oddly didn't enjoy it much - too hot, I guess.

Town, country, city?
Small town bordering a substantial city.

How’s your toilet paper supply?
Fine. Didn't reach critical levels before I had a chance to restock.

What’s the worst thing that you had to cancel?
Right around the time it all began, Simon and I were going to take a spontaneous minibreak, and then everything closed and there was nowhere to go.

What’s the best thing you’ve had to cancel?
I feel bad about it but if I'm being honest, the absence of social engagements has been a big relief.
Who do you miss the most?

Do you have any new hobbies?
Not exactly, but I'm happy about getting back into sewing, painting, and jewelry making.

What are you watching the most?
Moving from show to show just like I always do. Also took in a few mindless entertainment movies that were newly available to stream. ("You mean that one about Chris Hemsworth shooting his way through evil gangs?" you ask. "Yes, of course I mean that one about Chris Hemsworth shooting his way through evil gangs," I answer.)

Are you still going to work?
I hear my other job is trying a soft open, but they haven't called me about returning yet, and I'm fine with that.

What are you out of?
My favorite brand of tea. Clearly, no one has suffered like I have suffered.

Have you made any changes to your hair during quarantine?
I dyed it last night, since the roots had grown out quite a bit. It looks fine at the length it's at, though I'll probably get a few inches off when I can.
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