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Happy May

Skipping last month means I look twice as accomplished this month!

I'd been keeping this a secret but truth is I've got a GotG one-shot almost ready to go.

Original fiction:
Revealing another secret to tell you I submitted an old poem to a publication. If it's accepted, I'll check my poetry resolution off the list. If not, I dunno.

Art and crafting:
Sound the trumpets, I've made myself a skirt. Apparently the antidote for my fear of the sewing machine was to struggle through a few simple face masks - which were for me anything but simple, but now I've made pretty much every mistake there is to make, and solved most of the problems I made for myself. Still, after the skirt (which isn't bad! I've worn it a couple times now!), I put the machine away for a little while. Not sure what the next project should be.
I made a couple pairs of earrings, nothing special. I decided to make individual gifts for my nieces/nephew, and two of those are taken care of (an art collaboration and a diary), with the two harder ones left. Even got a bit of digital fan art going.
I'm also working on a new oil painting. It's a hippocampus. Does anyone like those?

I've been mainlining the Bronze Age X-titles on Marvel Unlimited and loving it. So far, I haven't gotten to anything I didn't get to when it was my hyperfixation during/after college, even though I'm skipping annuals and related miniseries (aside from Secret Wars), and now I'm kind of amazed by how many comic books I consumed back then. I mean, in the past couple months I think I've traveled through about ten years of X-Men history, and I haven't even reached some of my favorite parts, or characters, or even series. I crossed it off my resolutions list but I'm looking forward to keeping this up for quite a while longer.
Going to leave the specific books I've finished/started for their own entry, and *ahem* as you'll recall, I already posted about our LotR reread. Let's see if we finish it by the end of the year!

TV and games:
Finished The Legend of Korra.
Instead of finding a new PS2, Simon found the game I wanted (FFIX) for download on the XBox! Eventually I'm sure we'll want to replace the machine so we can play our other PS2 games, but this should keep me busy for the rest of the year or beyond. I'm close to where I left off the first time I started it, or I've already passed it, not sure but definitely having fun with the game.

I tried again with the Pay It Forward meme, but nobody replied. I hope it's because nobody needs anything and not because nobody wants to ask for anything, but the logical side of me concedes that it's probably just because nobody pays much attention to LJ anymore.
Still working on the ongoing projects like the 30-day meme. Just like the little blue engine that could.
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