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Happy March

Wrote for The Lion King and mashed up X-Men with BtVS, just like I resolved. Both are (quite) unfinished but I crossed both off my list, since I feel like that's a better way to keep myself moving.

Original fiction:
I did get started on "revisiting my YA fantasy novel", but even though the terms of that are vague, I'm not crossing it off until I have a better idea of where I want to go with it, even if that's ultimately into the fire pit.

Art and crafting:
Painting on a canvas has been achieved, a la the oil elephant from a couple posts ago. I realized in the middle of it that it could count toward the "learn a new medium" goal too, but despite being fairly satisfied with the results, I wouldn't say I've actually learned oils yet. So, I picked up some thinner and put a sketch on another canvas, that's another step toward the new medium.
I also picked up some material for my skirt, and took out my box of sewing stuff to frown over it all. I'm not sure exactly what confounds me so much about sewing, especially with a pattern; there honestly seems to be some kind of mental disconnect there that echoes issues I've had in other areas...but that's a topic for another time.
I also picked up some jewelry-making tidbits for Etsy and my sister's kids, although I don't know what I'll use them for yet.

Subscribed to Marvel Unlimited again, woo! I got through a few early issues of X-Men and then realized that I would rather start bingeing Squirrel Girl, so I did. The entire series isn't yet available, but last night I finished everything that is, so I'm caught up and Squirrel Girl gets crossed off the list.
I finished Because Internet, and enjoyed it all the way through, although it didn't deliver everything I would have wanted from it based on the cover: I'm kind of still wondering, okay, but how is our language measurably different now than it was before we started talking on the internet? Obviously, a comprehensive list isn't feasible, but it would have been fun to see a few examples, say, a phrase like "because internet" traced from a context that only would have made sense online into a real-life conversation between people who took it for granted.
And then instead of finishing anything else I started reading...gulp...The Gulag Archipelago. Because Solzhenitsyn, I guess. I needed something to fill my hardcover and nonfiction slots, and it was the first one on our history shelf that interested me. Of course, my "dense, this-is-no-picnic" slot was already taken by The Iliad, but what could I do? I have to obey the shelf order! Anyway, it's actually really engaging and going faster than I expected, so no harm done.

TV and games:
Finished Lost. Decided to rewatch Avatar: the Lost Airbender and then Legend of Korra before the one season I haven't seen. I'm midway through Earth and it's nice to be home.
Played some more Untitled Goose Game but I'm stuck trying to make the old man fall on his bum. No luck finding a used PS2 or PS3 at a reasonable price, yet, so no FFIX.

I've started going through my old 30-day meme entries, updating my favorites. It's going to be hard to settle on Day One.
I did a couple meta/review type entries, right? I did.

Considering how ambitious my goals are this year, I think I did a decent job this month!
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