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The Final Seasons of Forgotten Hit High-Budget Shows About Communities Facing Supernatural Threats

I'm not sure exactly how to describe the impact this show has had on my life. It's not just that I started watching it before I was ever part of a fandom, I think it's the only live-action show I really cared about between X-Files and Buffy. There were actors I recognized from it when I started on A:tS. There's an actress I didn't recognize when she showed up as the Wasp because it had been so long. I had inside jokes about the Smoke Monster with people I haven't even spoken to in years.

I basically knew what happens in the last season, and I knew nobody liked it, which was just one reason I put off watching it. Even after rewatching the whole thing, I had no idea what the hell was going on anymore and I just wanted some kind of closure, so I went into it with zero expectations and only a small portion of my active attention. Naturally, that didn't improve anything, but...I'm kind of surprisingly okay with the finale?

It's hard to keep feeling disappointed in a show after you've already lost interest, and I can't imagine the majority of Lost fans kept loving it after the third (fourth?) season, although I guess there was always that hope that all of the mysteries would get neatly resolved if you weren't saved from that by the spoilers. Anyway, the only thing left that it had going for it was the characters, so to have all of them come back together and express how much they meant to each other was pretty cathartic, even if it was just some afterlife AU situation.

All my ships triumphed. I only ship the best couples, so clearly the writers knew what they were doing. Something did get salvaged from the wreckage after all.

Okay but hilariously, the same thing happened with True Blood. Crap final season but come on, it's been crap seasons since halfway through, and in this case it was always a sleazy schlock parade, so what is there to lose? The attempt to redeem Bill was amusing but I still think he and Sookie are hot. Everyone gathering together for a peaceful barbecue together like one big happy family was outrageously impossible given the....everything about...everyone, but whatever! Children frolic underfoot! Burgers all around! Sookie's married to a normal human and moving on with her life!

I don't even remember what went on with Hoyt that led to his voluntary memory wipe but there was definitely a point where I loved him and Jessica together and absence has actually made me even more fond of Jess since I love her actress so much, so, sure! Flash wedding!

Of course it was too bad that Alcide couldn't get his contrived happy ending along with everyone else's, but untimely meaningless deaths have always been a staple of True Blood and there's no point complaining about it now. I'm glad Amazon finally got the final season and I'm glad I watched it. And I'm glad there's never ever going to be any more for me to watch. (There's no chance of a future spinoff, is there? Tell me there's no chance of a future spinoff.)

Onward! To shows that might still either be prematurely cancelled or wrap up before they go downhill!
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